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Hi, I'm Britteny

Picture of Candidate Britteny Cioni-Haywood


I grew up in a small town in Southwest Missouri, near Branson. While attending graduate school in Fort Collins. Colorado I got the opportunity to come to Juneau on a 9-month contract. I never left!  I fell in love with Juneau and the man who would become my husband. I love living in Juneau and enjoy all the things this vibrant community has to offer.


I have had an eclectic career path and I would have it no other way. I have worked for a Fortune 500 company, in academia, and for state government. I moved to Juneau in 2006 to teach as a Term Professor of Economics at the University of Alaska Southeast. I remained at UAS in that role for 4 years. Since, leaving UAS I have held a number of positions with the State of Alaska including a training officer, an Administrative Officer, Director of Economic Development, and my current position an Administrative Operations Manager for a large state division. I  returned to UAS in the Spring of 2020 as an adjunct professor.

These roles have provided me with valuable experience in budgeting, facilities management, retention of talent, change management, and developing solutions to complex problems.

Photo Credit: Jill Dumesnil


Equality Meets Opportunity

I am an economist by training and have worked within the economic development space. High quality education is absolutely necessary for economic development. All students deserve an education that allows them to pursue a desired career path through secondary education, vocational training, or on-the-job training.

I want to bring my experience with challenging budgets, working in education, and serving on other boards to develop reasonable solutions to issues facing the school district. There are no easy solutions left and this reality will continue until the State of Alaska provides adequate and hopefully inflation-proofed funding. In the meantime, we need to provide the best opportunity possible for all Juneau students.

As an aspiring futurist I like to work on today's issues while having an eye on the future. Today's disruptive technology will impact the workforce for tomorrow. We must be preparing students for tomorrow's workplace. Key skills will include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and adaptability.


I periodically write for the STRIVE Magazine which focuses on thought leadership and innovation. My articles are linked here for convenience.

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